Use of Media

“Your job is to carry the flag for the next generation.”

– Rev. William Sloane Coffin to a gathering of peace and justice workers


My work is available for peace & justice workers, faith communities, non-profit organizations and others who share my mission. The materials are protected by trademark ©Marcia Bushnell.

Guidelines for Using Materials From This Site


  • Reach out to me for any support needed to make this work useful to your mission.
  • High resolution images are available on request. Contact me.


  • Do not crop, remove or alter portions of the images.
  • Do not change the aspect ratio, which would distort the images.
  • Must give credit to the Artist/Author.
  • No profit from other than direct contributions to Peace & Justice programs.

Download my Art Presentation and related materials
Download “Against Forgetting: The Human Condition”

  • Is a program of artwork with the artist’s commentary in PDF and PowerPoint formats.
  • Focuses on the origins and consequences of war.
  • Includes comments by peace leaders, poets, and dramatists.
  • Includes, in downloadable PDF format, discussion questions, activism ideas, a booklist, and audience program.

Download presentation: Against Forgetting with commentary » [pdf]
Against Forgetting Discussion Questions »
Handout: Activism Suggestions »
If you require a PowerPoint version of my presentation, contact me and I will email it to you.