Marcia Bushnell paints for peace and justice
“ 79.5 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes.” – unhcr
“50 million children have been displaced.” – unicef
Exodus I
Exodus II

About the Paintings

These images, of refugees and victims of war, rise out of my deep concern over the lack of social justice for billions. I hope my paintings will help toward ceasing our endless wars, for life should have meaning, be lived with dignity, allow for creative differences, and declare freedom of religious expression. I dedicate my work to the dear peoples who inhabit my canvases who I could do nothing to rescue. Most of us would prefer to turn away from these sad images, but I believe it is the purpose of art to record and witness our human experience.

The Paintings Focus on:

  1. How the hero’s quest affects all societies through myth and memory.
  2. The consequences of war: The victimization of women and children.
  3. The genocidal and barbaric impulses that can rise in societies and are uncontrolled by international law.
  4. The self under siege in a rapidly changing society.

My Art is Shared With Those Working for Peace and Justice:

  • Download my art presentation and related materials.
  • Use my images and commentaries in your Peace & Justice work.
  • Contact me for high resolution images for your projects.
  • Download “Against Forgetting: The Human Condition,” an art show presentation, one hour, annotated, with discussion questions, activism ideas, booklist.